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Couples Therapy

Marriage Counselling

Relationships are very complex. They have the potential to enrich our lives if we let them. They require flexibility and compromise, good communication skills, and an awareness of ourselves as individuals.

Couples therapy can address the difficulties that you and your partner are facing in your ongoing day to day life. Perhaps you are experiencing an emotional disconnection, sexual difficulty, or problems communicating effectively. Maybe there are trust issues, such as infidelity. Is there built up anger and resentment towards your partner? Are you in a period of conflict? These and other relationship issues can be helped through couples therapy.

A couple is made up of two unique individuals who come from very different family backgrounds and who bring diverse beliefs and perspectives into the relationship. It’s no wonder that difficulties arise. It is common for partners to get caught up in negative, destructive cycles that unless stopped, can propel the relationship into greater disharmony. Couples therapy can lead to a deeper and more meaningful relationship.

My work with couples is informed by a family systems perspective, depth psychology, imago therapy, emotion-focused therapy, and relational life therapy.

Couples are made up of different configurations. I work with both heterosexual and LGBTQ couples; married, common-law, and unmarried partners. I encourage you to contact me to explore how I can help you and your partner.

Pre-Marital Counselling

Perhaps you and your partner are starting to make some serious plans for the future or maybe you’ve just gotten engaged. Congratulations! So many decisions to make….choosing furniture for your new place, and all the details that go into planning a wedding. I suggest that you also think about including pre-marital counselling on your to-do list. Yes, you love each other but you need more than that to make a relationship last a lifetime.

Pre-marital counselling can help you talk about issues that maybe you haven’t thought to consider. It can help you create healthy ways of communicating through conflict (and believe me, you won’t always agree on everything). And it can help you strengthen an already strong relationship by planning for things that may come up in the future.

Pre-marital counselling is a great investment in the future of your relationship. Please contact me to get more information or schedule your first session.

Divorce Counselling

Sometimes marriages end. This is always a very difficult and stressful time for a couple. It is vital that the two of you keep your lines of communication as open as possible. Especially if there are children involved, divorce counselling can help you to go through this process and into the future in the healthiest way possible.

Yes your marriage is ending but you will continue to be co-parents for the rest of your lives. You owe it to your children to create an atmosphere for them that is healthy, nurturing, and loving. It is easy for parents to get so caught up in their own feelings of hurt, hate, and abandonment that they then, unintentionally, hurt and abandon their own children. This is a time of crisis but I can help you navigate this process and guide both of you towards health.  Divorce counselling can:

  • help the two of you communicate more effectively
  • help you understand how you got to this point
  • normalize how you are feeling
  • help you be the best parents you can be even if you are no longer living together
  • explore whether there is a chance of reconciliation if you wish to attempt this
  • help you move forward with your lives
  • communicate with the other important people in your lives

Please contact me for more information.